what is clusterhuck?

clusterhuck is a newsletter from me, tyler huckabee. i live in nashville with my wife and my dog. i’m not related to sarah huckabee sanders or any of those guys. i spent ten years writing for christian outlets and you can find a lot of my writing there. but sometimes i write stuff that doesn’t fit my day job, and that’s what ends up here.

What kind of stuff?

i’m interested in what it means to be a good christian. i wish there was a better way to say it. believe me, i’ve tried to think of one. i did my time in the “follower of the rabbi, disciple of the carpenter, disgusting sinner at the feet of YHWH” trenches but i don’t feel the need to dress it up anymore. i’m a christian and i want to be a good one, whatever that means.

that doesn’t answer the question.

yeah, i know. i’ll be writing here about my exploration of the whole good christian thing, which will mostly include thoughts on things i’m reading, listening to, watching and thinking about.

we will be avoiding “finding God in Euphoria” or “how John Wick is a Christ figure” type discourse as much as possible, which i hope comes as a relief. this will be more about exploring what’s next for the cultural manifestations of faith, analyzing Rian Johnson’s youth group influence across his filmography, figuring out if there is such a thing as cancel culture and whether or not the christian idea of forgiveness should be involved and, yes, maybe John Wick too, who knows. there will definitely be a lot of sorting through christian upbringing, for good or bad. politics is part of life and i’ve got all kinds of lefty takes so there will be some of that, but not a lot. maybe some comic books? i read a lot of comic books so let’s just say i wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t some sort of comic book situation.

this isn’t one of those Christian Man™️ things, is it?


i’m not a christian. will i hate this?

in my experience, lots of people hate my writing for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with their faith identity.

should i subscribe?

i’d appreciate it. money’s tight, i totally get it (as a matter of fact, that part of why i’m doing this). i’ll do my level best to make it worth the money for the paid subscribers and the time for the free ones. either way, i’m really glad you’re reading.

anything else?

i don’t think so. follow me on twitter. follow my wife too.

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